After my studies in Thailand, Bali and London, i confess that I enjoy a lot working in Athens Fish Spa. I offer oil and Thai massage, and I believe that having a massage is not a luxury, but something we really need, especially when in holidays.


I work here since day 1. It's my duty and my pleasure also, everybody to be happy. Most of the time you can find me at the front desk but I also deliver massages.


I also work at the Fish Spa, I offer mani pedi and body treatments. Many things have changed from the day I arrived here, but one thing doesn't change : this is the passion and the love for what we offer. Maybe this is why people choose us, at the end.


I am among the new arrivals at the spa, but with a lot of experience in massage and beauty treatments. Working with tourists is something I really enjoy and I wish our spa and our services to be something to remember from Greece.


Hey, I am Nancy. I am a spa therapist and I offer spa packages and nail services. Athens Fish spa is a great place to visit, I invite everyone to come and have a look. This is really a place which combines quality services in affordable price.


Hi all, I am Stas. I am a masseur and I offer spa treatments. I really like working at Athens Fish spa, since we all work as a team and get positive feedback from clients. Happy travels everybody and see you soon for an experience to remember !